Saturday, February 27, 2010

Signal flare!

This is a place for me to get corrected and advised as well as be a good brother and offer a place to talk out problems with those who wish to do so. I would like to think that when I discuss things its to find the truth according to the Word of God and not to win the day in a points debate. May the truth prevail here so help me Father, Son (Jesus) and Holy Spirit!

I call this rock and a hard place because I want to deal with questions of everyday Christianity and the world where they seem to rub either each other or themselves the wrong way (so to speak). Topics of church life and parenthood, career and mission. I know there are tons of these things out there for people to be reading and commenting on and I cannot provide the fancy pants bells and whiz bang because 1.) I don't care to and 2.)... I don't know how. So this blog may look really plain for a long time.

But here we go, if your brother or sister who like to "tell the truth in love" and often than this is the place for you. I will give you the opportunity to voice your fringe or mainstream corrections of my life and choices and you can feel really good about it, (just remember the log in your own eye to see clearly, ie accurately, and mercifully, to remove my speck ;)

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