Thursday, July 15, 2010

The seriousness of Abortion

I know everyone is so tired of talking about this and people are pretty much (if they are honest and well researched) either totally apposed to abortion because its murder or they acknowledge that they are killing a human but its a necessary evil for the preservation of feminist ideals and rights. I.E. do what boys do and feel good about it, in other words be sexually promiscuous and have no responsibility to the after effect. Notice I don't say men because real men understand what sex and marriage s for and keep sex in its proper place and when they don't, they take responsibility like a man and do what is right... BE a FATHER and HUSBAND and LOVE THE LORD! Not, get an abortion for their children, I mean, KILL their children. This is what I at one time before knowing the Lord attempted to push on a twenty something wounded young woman who was falling for me and I for her... as long as I could have it my way. My convictions since then have changed dramatically after becoming alive in Christ by the grace of God and then being blessed with the desire for a real marriage and a wife and children to go with it. I could never do what I did then. All I see are the faces of my two babies and it makes me cry, thinking they would be killed before being allowed to become the amazing little people they are right now and by God's grace will grow to be.

I was driving from work at the hospital fuming over the whole idea of abortion and this confused world we live in, with specific thought toward the B.O.I. movement of trans gender girls who want to be bois, not boys and especially not Men but bois which makes since because boys have fun with no thought to the future, aren't required to raise families and be responsible for their sexploits. But men do, men build countries and empires, and families and sacrifice for their families and countries, but boys ride the wave and never grow up to be men unless their are real men around who won't stand for them going on into perpetual laziness. More on this to come. But I digress.

I was thinking about the state of things in feminism and the confusion this has brought into the church and how flimsy so many "christians" are about birth control and biblical manhood and womanhood and abortion. I was thinking about what it is and what we call it, and "we" America of the LEFT call it a choice, its not a choice its a baby! A human life, not a puppy and not a crystal; not an 11th finger of the mother or a tail that she could cut off herself and have not guilt but an entirely different DNA chain. 50% genes from the mom and 50% from the dad. This is a baby from the start of those cells dividing, no matter how far along. It is a separate being and it is unmistakably human. Thus the taking of this life ought to be prohibited by law and considered murder if done intentionally as abortions are and they are premeditated, this is murder 1. Legally murder has no statute of limitations, so if abortion ever became outlawed as murder it ought to be retroactively tried as murder. Consultations and encouragement to get abortions would be conspiracy to commit murder or coercion to commit murder. As boyfriends and parents push for these things to save the honor of their daughters, they dishonor them forever as murderers. I too would be guilty of this and would be guilty specifically of coercion to commit murder because I called 2 times to my fling out of state to tell her that, "if she was pregnant, she knows what to do because I as a 19 year old cannot support this baby". I said those words and they burn in my head when I think about it. She said, "I'm not pregnant, I have been pregnant before (aborted) and I would know". I called again to double check and calm my conscious and was assured the same. I would be my own understanding of the law and what ought to be done to me and others who have said similar things that we are all guilty of a the very least coercion to commit murder; I tried to force her to kill my potentially unborn child.

When I caught up with her again 2 years later she had had another abortion and gotten addicted to speed again. She was so anxious an messed up by the whole thing that she had been in a mental institution for the last year and was now on permanent disability and medication. I had since become a Christian and was concerned for her and I also asked again if she had lied to me and had an abortion with our potential baby because obviously she was fertile and God was trying to give her some kids however illicitly. She assured me again and seemed to wish we had gotten pregnant so I took her genuine longing as a true word from her heart, she said, "I did with the others but not with you". I will never know. BUT if it did happen then I should swing for it. I would gladly if it would convict everyone else as well, if I was really guilty and she was pregnant and she did do it because of my pressuring then I would let them kill me to prove a point. WE ALL are truly murderers in our hearts doing selfish things that deserve God's wrath and even hating someone in your heart is enough to condemn you and me as murderers in God's eyes. I' am thankful for the grace I have received from God but the sword of the government should swing against me rightfully if found guilty if we were truly pregnant. I did it anyway but you can't kill nothing so I could get off on a technicality, but as far as God is concerned my heart was and is a murderers heart because I was assuming she was pregnant and made the call anyway... twice. It was a real shock to my pride because I have never really seen the darkness of my heart until God revealed it to me. It gave me cause for pause and prayer and thanks giving.

your thoughts are appreciated.