Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Death of the Innocent!

This whole abortion thing gets me supper heated and yet I can't think of anything to do but go kill some killers! I know that vengeance is the Lords and the Government is supposed to be in place to punish this sort of evil but they are the damn problem. I'm looking into this as a way to spread the word and just keep the conversation going because this has to stop. How long O' Lord, How Long!? Check out the site its pretty sweet though it takes some digging to find articles and stuff.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Fist and a hard place!

I was under the fists and feet of men on Monday evening and though I had done nothing wrong I cried out to save myself. I did not resist the evil one and to my credit did not return evil for evil or reviling for reviling. But I did not overcome it with good either.

I was however crying out to the mercy of men to spare me for the sake of my children and my wife. I tried to reason with unreasonable men for their understanding while they senselessly and savagely beat me in the street while many people watched and listened.

I did not cry out to my God for help or strength to endure. I relied on my MMA training and natural toughness. I complained about the senselessness of the crime after but did not seek vengeance, but I did not seek reconciliation for them with myself or the Father.

I know these things would have only gotten me beaten and would have been pearls before swine and the wisdom of my heart said to get away, to flee the evil. But I can't help but thinking that it takes the death of the messenger to get the point across that the life in Christ is real and I would gladly trade my life to pass that life onto even my murderers as Christ did to me and men like Jim Elliot and all the Apostles. This is what we have been called to and I confess I was not ready. I put my hand to the plow looking backward and I am unworthy of the Kingdom. I need the forgiveness for this and Jesus is the one to give it to me, for only His righteousness can make me clean because I have no righteousness of my own.

Praise Jesus for His mercy on lowly sinners like me.